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Monday, May 3, 2010

A comments for the blog of Sri Nitish Kumar, CM, Bihar.

Respected Sir,

I am very happy to see you on blog. I have observed following things in your government and want to post some suggestions according to my tiny mind and short thought.

Your Right Steps:-

  • Higher Educational Institutions: - Your plan to establish many institutions like law university, IIT Patna, knowledge university, Management Institute etc. is milestone for the way to reach in developed Bihar.
  • Mukhyamantri Balika Cycle Yojna :- This is a unique scheme in India to encourage the girls of Bihar. The girls may lead over the boys if such supports from government and parents are continued.
  • Kanya Vivah Yojana: - It supports poor girls to start married life and to be a responsible citizen of the nation.
  • Quick and smooth implementation of Govt. Schemes:- You have a credit to implement Govt. schemes properly and faster than other previous governments.
  • Law and Order:- In your government law and order is under control. The criminal–politician pact is poor in your government.
  • Corruption Control:- Public know about "Nigrani" and "RTI" better in your government.
  • Big Projects:- Your government starts many big basic infrastructure projects in the field of electricity power generation and other industries which helps to develop Bihar in coming years.

    Your Wrong Steps:
  • Incompetent Teachers Employed: - In your reign the higher education is in growth but basic education fall down due to many incompetent teachers are employed who are near relatives or related person of Mukhiya or other political persons or employed on money.
  • Wine Shop in every Village:- It makes poor villagers more poor and cause of attack on women.
  • Making "Dalit" to "Maha Dalit":- Every political leaders are dividing citizens for political greediness and rule over. It makes you politically strong and save your CM chair, but it increase differences between citizens and caste feelings in the society.

    My Slight Suggestions:-
  • Please conduct open competitive examination for the post of "Siksha Mitra" or other teaching posts (provide extra 5% marks for existing teachers).
  • Please close the wine shops in village, rural Kasba etc. and open de-addiction centre and rehabilitation centers.
  • Sir, please don’t think to change "Dalit" into "Maha Dalit", think how "Maha Dalit" will became "Svarna" (forward)?, How "Maha Dalit" will sit and eat with "Swarna"?, How "Maha Dalit" will feel supper feelings of "Svarna"? Please work out to remove discrepancy of community, caste, language, state/place differences among citizens.
  • Please implement e-governance services through Vasudha Kendra project quickly. It makes fair implementation of government schemes in village. Please make a provision to send photo of each projects and scheme work progress in village, every meeting of Panchayati Raj authorities and Sabha on same day through email from CSC (Vasudha Kendra) to CM office. It controls the corruption in Panchayati Raj.
  • Please arrange to provide Solar Systems to villagers on subsidized rate to solve power problems in village. The common service centre (Vasudha Kendra) are unable to fulfill the requirement of villagers, many government and online services due to lack of power supply.

    Please forgive me sir, for my straightforward comments. I am equivalent to your son, so guide us where I am wrong and how I get correct path.

    Your innocent citizen,

    Ghulam Kundanam,
    Email – ghulam.kundanam@gmail.com
    Blog – ghulamkundanam.blogspot.com

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