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Friday, October 1, 2010

Who is Ghulam Kundanam? A big discloser, but खोदा pahaad निकली chuhiya.

My photograph is given below. The photograph was taken on 15th August, 2010 at the time of saluting national flag and singing the national song. I lived in a small village named "Jamuhar" of Rohtas district of Indian state Bihar.

मेरे केसरिया यानि बसंती ड्रेस को देख कर राजनितिक कारणों से अपने सौम्य सुशील मंत्री साहब "भगवा आतंकवादी" कह सकते हैं तो मेरे नाम में लगे ग़ुलाम शब्द को देख कोई मुस्लिम आतंकवादी भी कह सकता है, परन्तु फेसबुक के ९८% मित्र जानते है कि मैं "आजाद हिंद देश" का एक अदना सिपाही हूँ। "आजाद हिंद देश" उस देश का नाम है जिसका सपना गाँधी और गफ्फार ने, सुभाष और आजाद ने, भगत और सुकदेव ने, ........ और सारे शहीदों ने देखा था। उन सबका सपना अब मेरा सपना है। मैं कुछ ठोस काम करके आप सबों को अपना परिचय देना चाहता था।

मुझे पाकिस्तान की मारिया मेहर कक्वानी बहन ने रा तथा इजराइल तक का एजेंट कह डाला हलाकि उन्होंने साडी बाते मेरे मेसेज बॉक्स में की थी उन्होंने नहीं सोंचा था की मैं उसे भी सार्वजनिक करना जानता हूँ। वे फेसबुक की एक बड़ी हस्ती हैं आप सबों के फ्रेंड लिस्ट में भी उनका नाम है। उनके वाल पर जो बाते होती हैं और उनके दिल के वाल पर जो बाते हैं दोनों में बहुत फर्क है। वैसे मैंने अपनी पहचान छुपा राखी थी इसकी वजह से भी ऐसा हो सकता है। उन्हें मैंने हमेसा बहन या दीदी कह कर ही संबोधित किया है जबकि वो मुझसे २ वर्ष छोटी हैं। अत: उन्हें कोई बुरा-भला नहीं कहेगा, मुझे तकलीफ होगी।

काश्मीर समस्या का भी मैंने अध्ययन किया कई कश्मीरी भाइयों के बातचीत के अंश मेरे नोट में हैं। वहाँ की समस्या शिर्फ़ नफरत की है जो नेताओं या पड़ोसियों द्वारा फैलाई जा रही है, पर समय आ रहा है जब आवाम सबकुछ समझ जाएगी और अपना वक्त और संसाधन बर्बाद नहीं करेगी।

मैंने एक नयी संस्था बनाई है जिसका विवरण निम्न है: -

Memorandum of Association

All Religions Servant Society (ARSS)


English - All Religions Servant Society

Short Name- ARSS

हिंदी - सर्व धर्म सेवक संघ


The society is situated at Shanti Niketan, Village & Post – Jamuhar, District- Rohtas, Bihar, India – 821305.


(I) To establish 'God is One' :

(i) To remove differences among all communities and to establish One Supreme Power concept.

(ii) To establish brotherhood among all religious people and 'all religions same respect' (loZ /keZ leHkko).

(iii) To merge all castes in one caste: Human/Inshan/Manav and all religions in one religion: Humanity/Inshaniyat/Manavata, this includes "Truth" and "Kindness" (The work assigned by the supreme power). All other names used in the world for religion or caste are man made communities and castes, so they may be merged in one original caste and religion.

(iv) To remove all unsocial and cruel rules and principles from the communities.

(II) To establish a united nation named "Azad Hind Desh" which will be made by joining Pakistan, India, and Bangladesh. Love Azad Hind Desh, Serve Azad Hind Desh and Save Azad Hind Desh (the dream of Mahatma Gandhi, Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose and other freedom fighters) :

(i) To enhance and spread love and devotion to the nation and work for the betterment of the nation.

(ii) To save our nation from evils and to save assets of the nation.

(iii) To develop unity and brotherhood among all citizens of the nation.

(iv) To rejoin India, Pakistan and Bangladesh in order to make one great country, "Azad Hind Desh".

(III) To work for Social development and needs :

(i) To solve the problem of poverty stricken circumstances in our nation.

(ii) To work for population control.

(iii) To boost the improvement of health of human.

(iv) To provide a congenial environment and facilities equally to all economic groups of society in the field of education and opportunity.

(v) To work for Human Right.

(IV) To work for Social Changes in favour of the betterment of society:

(i) To work to omit discrepancy of community, caste, language, state/place, colour etc from our nation.

(ii) To work to remove all unsocial and cruel rules and principles from our society. To work specially to remove all unjustified social and communal bindings for women to free and make them fully independent to work and move in the society.

(iii) To work for de-addiction in the society and work for rehabilitation and support to such addicted people.

(iv) To work to free the marriage system from caste, community, place or any other such bindings; protect and to help such couples in troubles.

(v) To make politics business of losses, which is required for the betterment of politics and good politicians.

(V) To work for the safety of environment :

(i) To work to reduce all types of pollution.

(ii) To work to save nature and to serve nature as nature represents God.

(iii) To work for global plantation.

(VI) To work to save Creatures :

(i) To work to save and to protect the all-living beings of God.

(ii) To work for treatment and to help to all wild and domestic animals including all old age animals.

(iii) To work to create awareness among people, that the killings of any living creatures in the name of God or Goddess is wrong.

(iv) To establish and to facilitate animal parks for all type of animals including old age Animal Parks.

(VII) To work and plan for any other social work, social change, religious work (act for truth & Kindness), creature work and nature work required in present or future.

मेरे भविष्य की योजनाओं में निम्न बातें भी सामिल हैं।

A law for India:

  1. The retirement age must be fixed for politicians – 72 years, Governor and president – 75 years (with good health). If some wants to continue to serve India after retirement from politics they may work in any social organisation. I assure him/her to provide a best opportunity to serve India, Indians and humanity.
  1. The minimum educational qualifications are Intermediate (in any stream) for BPL candidates and Graduation for APL candidates. The qualification bar will be graduation for all Indian political leaders when educational environment and facility upto that level is easy available for all Indians i.e. after five years. So, the general graduation level courses will free of cost for BPL category students.
  1. Indian Citizens requires a right to back power for corrupt political leaders at any time by SMS vote.
  1. No one will stand from more than one constituency.
  1. Real Nationalist Politician: Think, How Indian Politics become business of losses. It makes a way for Real Nationalist Politician and Real Social Workers to take a seat in the Parliament and other elected bodies. The leaders must donate extra wealth than the requirement of a middle class family to the nation.
  1. Demand a law 'a person, who has two or less children, is eligible for Member of Parliament and other election candidature. It makes India less polluted, less populated, more healthy and more wealthy. It helps to encourage the citizens to reduce population.

  1. All MP, MLA funds are illegal and are source of corruption. The every scheme name (state or central including PM and CM schemes) will be in the name of freedom fitters only. The fund distribution must be on the basis of balanced development of all part of India; not on the basis of constituency of big political leader.

  1. All Governors of the State will be selected from retired army officers. This post will become non-political.

  1. All sports authority heads will be elected among the old players of the same game. The politician can not capture such posts. It ends politics in games and sports.

  1. All government committee, corporation and association heads are selected among retired judicial staffs with best record and who have already declared their assets and maintain transparency.

  1. The elected members will learn Indian constitution, some important law, Foreign policy, Indian culture, different main religious book/facts and different Indian languages in first two years; then, they appear in an eligibility test after learning. They, who don't score specified minimum marks will automatically disqualify for membership.

  1. All leaders must follow the fundamental duty assign for the citizens in our constitution. Leaders who not follow the fundamental duty are not eligible of any political post.

Democratic freedom Revolution: Our nation requires a democratic freedom revolution. The current democracy is not a fully democracy. The party basis election is not totally democratic. The candidates are selected by the party head. The leaders are bounded by party whip. There is little option to select a member from the members of some political parties. The citizens select a least good candidate among some candidates ("Andho me kana raja"). The selected member is not free to go against wrong policy of their party and they can't go against party whip. It is not democratic. So, the party basis democracy is not a fully democratic system. The party basis politics is the cause of deterioration in nationalism and unity. It creates many differences among Indian citizens.

The top 10 social worker type candidates will be selected by the citizens of constituency (through SMS) and one will finally elected by SMS voting. All parties will be dissolved. There is no requirement of political parties. In our contrary, there is a good constitution and there is no need of different manifesto for the election. So there are no needs of different political parties. The current age is communication age. The current voting system is very old and much expensive, unsecured and unsafe. The election can be conducted through one free SMS from each family. If a BPL family has not a mobile connection; the government must provide a mobile set with connection for election purpose and other polls required for development issues and national issues. To change democracy from gathering and undirected crowd of people in to a quality thought, it is required to accept only one vote from a family even if number of family members is different in different family. It helps to discourage population explosion also. All family will registered with their mobile numbers in election commission. The oldest member will vote after discussion with whole family. The PM is elected from the parliament members through vote of members and citizen in two phases. In first phase the members select two suitable candidates and finally citizens can elect one through SMS. The size of Ministry will double of the number of states. Two members for ministry will be elected from the members of the respective states for each state. President candidate will any big personality of the nation.

lkjs rjg ds HksnHkko NksM+ks] iqjs Hkkjr ns’k dks tksM+ks(

ns’k dh csM+h VwV pqdh gS] yksdra= dh csM+h rksM+ksaA

Educational revolution: To improve government schools and to make education less expensive, their must be a condition for the wards of political leaders, government employees to study in government schools only. The teacher’s ward must be studying in their school where they are posted. School requires better education to take competition with many private schools. For this, the teachers (highly educated) must be selected through competitive exams (Like CAT, MAT). The existing teachers who will not success in regular yearly quality check examination will be transferred in other government departments and their seats will be filled by well educated competent candidates; who are selected through a standard competition. The Government staff of other departments who interested in teaching job may sit in departmental examination to enrol in the waiting list for teaching job.

In the educational course all languages like Hindi, English, Sanskrit, Urdu and all other Indian languages which are spoken by a large population in the India and not slightly different to other language will merged in a subject as "Language Science". All grammar and word power will learn through comparative method of all such languages. It gives more power to the Indian Brain. It also solves the language problem and differences among Indians also.

The other subject "Religion Science" will be introduced; which may contain parts and facts of main religious books of all religions. It makes awareness to all religions and spread the same respect to all religions and to remove doubts, unscientific, unsocial rules & facts of all communities which are against to the truth and kindness.

Control drugs habit: All hospital and public health centres will be facilitated with de-addiction centre or department. Students and teachers may use the de-addiction facility on special concession. Teachers who are using tobacco or drugs will be transferred in other government departments if they not ready to leave such things. For new appointment, drug addicted candidates are not eligible for teaching job. A citizen, who is using wine or other drugs are not eligible for any government financial aid tell he not de-addicted for drugs/wine/tobacco and provides a certificate for the same. All tobacco product productions are required to be ban. Our roads and public places are become very dirty by the garbage of drugs rappers, pouch packs, mouth spite of tobacco, pan and cigarettes etc. The young Indians have a responsibility to clean and save our India from such things.

Caste in India: Indians have to decide to change their names such as it is free from community, caste, language and place. In official records there may be only two castes: - 1. APL, and 2. BPL (it includes poor family of all communities i.e. Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Christian, Buddhist etc.). Current system helps to the greedy leaders and they use it for "divide and rule". All caste and communities availing reservation facility has BPL card also. So, there is no difference in reservation situation. The government has responsibility to provide equal environment and facility to all students of India within certain periods of years. Till the situation not reached, the reservation for BPL candidates will be continued. The Indian citizens have must put down their caste feelings and greed for the unity of the nation. Please free your name from caste, community, region and language for wipe out discrepancy of caste, community, state/region and language from India.

Youth may remove the caste / community discrepancy from India

There are a social problem of caste and community feelings and hate in our India. Youth may remove this discrepancy from India. There are two ways:-

1. It will be removed by changing names, as they must not contain caste word. It may contain word of more than one language.
2. Youth may marry with other caste or community who will help in your aim, mission and life.

The 1st step is vary easy. For example, I have changed my name as "Ghulam Kundanam" and my spouse name is "Maryam Gurumeet". The names include words of two languages, two regions and have not any caste word. Indian youth are called to change their names for the nation and social change. Come on my friends……….

The 2nd step is to marry with other caste and communities.

It is our social weakness to marry in same caste and community in arrange marriage systems. Parents are thinking badly about love marriage, inter-caste and inter-community marriage. Parents think arrange marriage is best system of married life. Now days it is not happy feelings about arrange marriage. The couple are not adjust with each other, their feeling and thought, their aims and objectives etc. are different, which cause disturbance and quarrel in complete family life. This system is responsible for dowry death, dowry system, which is a big social problem in India.

We have to take them in our confidence that we are responsible citizen, responsible to our elders also. We have to decide a marriage life after our career and jobs fixed and select spouse who will help us in our aims, mission and life and family. We have to take in good faith of our parents also.

Here are some example of big personality who marry without and bindings:-

Rash Bihari Bose : - The supper hero of Indian freedom movement married with Tosiko, daughter of the Soma family of Japan who were sympathetic toward Rash Behari's efforts. His spouse helps in his aims to free India.

Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose:- The founder of Azad Hind Fauj was married with his Australian Secretary Emilie Schenkl in December 1937, who was worked with him and helped in his organisation in Vienna.

There are many examples of big personalities and family, who have not bindings with any caste or community like Indira Gandhi family, Haribans Rai Bachan family etc.

Religious facts:- In Ramayana, Raja Janak announced that who will lift up the Bow of Lord Shiva will marry with Sita. There are many persons trying to lift up the bow who was not "Kshatiya". There are many monsters and aliens (Gandharva) also. In Mahabharat marriage of "Dropadi" is depend on shooting in eye of a fish. Many other examples are available in our epics that the marriages are free on caste and communities.

The Kuran not allows to marry with unbeliever (Nastik) only. There is no restriction to marry with believer of God (Allah in the Arabic language).

All religions say, "God is one", "Sabka Malik ek", "Ishwar ek hai". His name is different in different language and place. The caste and social rules are man made things. God/Allah/Ishwar sends the human only at the earth. So, the only one caste decided by The God is Human / Inshan / Manav (Name is different due to different languages).

All religions teaches us mainly two things of Humanity / Inshaniyat / Manavta :-
1. Truth / Satya / Sachai
2. Kindness / Raham / Daya
So, the religion is Humanity / Inshaniyat / Manavta other names used for religions like Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Christian are name of community not a religion.

So, tells the world that there is only one caste in the world is Human and only one religion is Humanity.

Come on friends! Move to omit bad things from our nation and society.

Solution of Poverty & Rate Hike: We can solve Poverty & Rate Hike problem by controlling the population. This helps to improve standard of living and solve the problem of poverty. All religions has objection at abortion of unborn baby. But it is right, when it is urgently required to save the life of pregnant lady. The precaution and family planning systems for development and betterment of previous born one or two child is a good thought and is according to all religions and humanity. It is human responsibility to reduce the population for the betterment of their existing children and nation also. A person is doing a sin to born more than one baby who is unable to facilitate their child with all basic requirements and education. The government declare a lump-sum amount on every marriage registration to be paid half at the time of family planning after one/two baby to the couple and half will fixed in the name of their children for 25 years. To solve the poverty problem a social organisation is required at India level also. To meet the difference of APL and BPL, the theory of Binoba Bhave is also suitable in present age.

Everything Online: Every step on every works and development of government and private organisation required to be online to make informatics’ India, which makes India corruption free and achieves fast development. There is provision to start Common Service Centre in whole country. Many centres are ready to run. The name of such centres are different in different states, it is required to set their name same in whole country as Common Service Centre in English and in Hindi it will be "'kqyHk lsok dsanz " . Indian citizens may use such centres to access and get all type of information, reports, schemes, certificates, grievances status etc.

Religion: Humanity (truth + kindness) is the base of religions. We must take care that our action does help and not harm any living creature of God, Allah, Ishwar, Guru ... ... .... The Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Christian, Boudh, Jain etc are the name of man made community like caste and used by their leaders to rule on the community/caste. The actual religion is written in their holy books and that contains only kindness and truth. These books are available for all communities and not restricted for any community.

Any religious matter will be solved by sages and fakirs like persons who have not interest in money. A politician may take help from such people to solve such type of problems. The word 'secularism' is not suitable for India. The word is mistrustful for a religious person and its meaning is impious an antonym of religion. This word is suitable for a person who has no faith in God. The word 'Secularism' must be replaced with 'All religions same respect' i.e. "Sarv Dharm Sambhav" in our constitution. Amendment in the 42nd amendment of constitution is required.

Dream of Developed India: To make India as developed country, we have to leave strike, Road blocking, destruction of any government or private assets for our legal or illegal demands. We must work without hampering any project and ask our demands under the theme of "Gandhigiri". A Judicial commission can accept their demand for consideration and finally decide the demand is wrong or right, It is acceptable in the respect of govt. resources or not. There may be a semi-army team and judicial team to check corruption and devastating by the police. Police must make their behaviour public friendly. Any complain or FIR must be accepted online also through internet.

INDIAN: A Real Indian doesn't make difference between other Indians on the basis of Caste, Religion, Place, State, Language or Colour.

State Reform in India: India require to reform all states boundaries (not very small and not very big) according to geographical status, administrative requirement and balanced economic positions between states; the name of states may be on the name of river, hill or other geographical status in their area. Current state division is on the basis of language, caste, community and other unacceptable basis; which make differences between Indians. The division of India and Pakistan on the basis of community and division of states on the basis of cast, community and language is totally wrong. It makes distance between heart of the citizens and cause of many riots, naxalism and separatism.

Solution of language problem and job inequality: Think to solve the language problem and current hates between different languages of India which is created by politicians to get vote of respective language speakers of the states. In our army services, there are people of all states and all language areas. This model helps to solve language love and hate problem. After the reform of all states, the vacancies of all government departments and private companies must be filled by the people from all other states equally. The existing staff will be transferred in other different states. It makes India unite and help to learn all Indian languages and culture of different part of India. It provides equal opportunity to the all part of India also.

Army regiment name: The army regiment names are required to change in the name of freedom fighters. Regiment reform will also require for free it from community, caste, language and place fillings.

A social organisation to save India and serve India: India requires a big social organisation (totally non-political) to save India for destructive elements, to convince to not destroy or break government and private assets and to make India clean and beautiful. It also targets other national and social issues. It helps to spread "Sarv Dharm Sambhav" in all over the India and the world also. It helps to convert BPL family into APL family.

Old/Senior Animal Park: The all old animals have rite to live like human beings. There are requirement to fix some forest area to live for old age pet animals. The forest department will care such animals. After natural death of such animals; the body parts can be used for any useful purpose. Who wants to send their old pet animals in such park will contact the nearby forest department office. To stop killings of cow; discussion at national level is required. All communities have to respect of all communities kindness about living creatures. The killings of other animals are also required to minimize, but it will be solved socially not forcibly. It can be minimise as possible at personnel level.

आज गाँधी जयंती है , मैं अपने आज़ाद हिंद देश के सभी निवासियों को बधाई देता हूँ। आज से ही मैं आपनी संस्था के लिए कार्य प्रारंभ करता हूँ। गाँधी जी के सपनों को साकार करने में अपना योगदान देना ही सच्ची स्रधांजलि होगी। मैंने आज पर्यावरण एवं मजदूरों के मानवाधिकार के लिए समाहरणालय पर उपवास रखने का निश्चय किया हैं। एस सम्बन्ध में पत्र बिहार मानवाधिकार आयोग, मुख्य मंत्री सचिवालय, तथा जिलाधिकारी कार्यालय को पत्र दे चूका हूँ। मैं सुन्दरलाल बहुगुणा तथा मेघा पाटेकर की बराबरी तो नहीं कर सकता पर प्रयास करूँगा की अपने उद्देश्यों की ओर बढ़ सकूँ।

आप सबों का अपना भाई,

ग़ुलाम कुन्दनम,

सिटिज़न ऑफ़ आजाद हिंद देश (पाकिस्तान + इंडिया + बंगलादेश) ।

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