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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Name of Religion.

Religion is the name of Kind work. Others names used for any group of community in the world are name of community only. Who think & act so, are religious otherwise they are communal.

Dharm-Majhab Daya/Raham ke kaam ko kahte hai. Dusre sabhi naam jo Kisi samuh/jamaat ke liye istemaal hote haiN, wah sirf sampraday/kaum ka naam hai. Jo aisa soNchte aur karte haiN we dharmil/majhabi haiN, nahi to sampradayik/jamaati/communal hai.

Daya – raham ka kaam hi,

Asli dharm ka naam,

Baki sab majhab nahi,

Sirf jamaat ka naam.

दया – रहम का काम ही ,
असली धर्मं का नाम ,
बाकि सब मजहब नहीं ,
सिर्फ जमात का नाम ।

Om – Onkaar – Allah – God - Om.Sai.Ram - Madre.Watan.Hind - Vande.Matram.

Citizen of Azad Hind Desh (PK+IN+BD)

(In future may be citizen of the universe)

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