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Thursday, July 15, 2010

The dream of the country "Azad Hind"

The three countries of Indian Subcontinent ("Hind") of Indian Ocean - India, Pakistan and Bangladesh are really only one country 'United India' or 'Azad Hind'. It was divided to help post and political greed of some political leaders and under plan of British Government to make weaker countries. British govt. knows that the United India will become super power in the world in the all fields; it will be again become Golden Bird in economy and World Teacher and Leader.

There were no differences among citizen of united India. All religious people, all communities was united to get freedom under the guidance of Subash Chandra Bose. There was no friction among military of 'Adaz Hind Fauj' and includes freedom fighters of all communities. They did not want to get freedom in pieces. These three nations are divided by religion, but are united by a common history and related cultures. There are far more similarities than differences. A United India will be of benefit to all three nations and all the communities of the subcontinent, and will be a force for good in the wider world.

The citizen of all three nations ware lost life, peace, wealth in division. It is now continued in different form like terrorism, wars on borders, Kashmir problem, Bangaldeshi refugee etc. The united India i.e. "Azad Hind" is the only one solution of all problem and violence.

The political leaders of all these countries never want to join again due to their political losses and greed. When Sania-Shoaib become one then "India-Pakistan-Bangladesh" why not? When the Berlin Wall demolished then "Baad" between India, Pakistan and Bagladesh why not?

This is the right time to awake all citizen of all three countries of Indian Subcontinent to make single country named 'Azad Hind'.

- Ghulam Kundanam,
Citizen of Azad Hind (IN+PK+BD)
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