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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Remove difference of Caste and community

Youth may remove the caste / community discrepancy from India

There are a social problem of caste and community feelings and hate in our India. Youth may remove this discrepancy from India. There are two ways:-

1. It will be removed by changing names, as they must not contain caste word. It may contain word of more than one language.
2. Youth may marry with other caste or community who will help in your aim, mission and life.

The 1st step is vary easy. For example, I have changed my name as "Ghulam Kundanam" and my spouse name is "Maryam Gurumeet". The names include words of two languages, two regions and have not any caste word. Indian youth are called to change their names for the nation and social change. Come on my friends……….

The 2nd step is to marry with other caste and communities.

It is our social weakness to marry in same caste and community in arrange marriage systems. Parents are thinking badly about love marriage, inter-caste and inter-community marriage. Parents think arrange marriage is best system of married life. Now days it is not happy feelings about arrange marriage. The couple are not adjust with each other, their feeling and thought, their aims and objectives etc. are different, which cause disturbance and quarrel in complete family life. This system is responsible for dowry death, dowry system, which is a big social problem in India.

We have to take them in our confidence that we are responsible citizen, responsible to our elders also. We have to decide a marriage life after our career and jobs fixed and select spouse who will help us in our aims, mission and life and family. We have to take in good faith of our parents also.

Here are some example of big personality who marry without and bindings:-

Rash Bihari Bose : - The supper hero of Indian freedom movement married with Tosiko, daughter of the Soma family of Japan who were sympathetic toward Rash Behari's efforts. His spouse helps in his aims to free India.

Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose:- The founder of Azad Hind Fauj was married with his Australian Secretary Emilie Schenkl in December 1937, who was worked with him and helped in his organisation in Vienna.

There are many examples of big personalities and family, who have not bindings with any caste or community like Indira Gandhi family, Haribans Rai Bachan family etc.

Religious facts:- In Ramayana, Raja Janak announced that who will lift up the Bow of Lord Shiva will marry with Sita. There are many persons trying to lift up the bow who was not "Kshatiya". There are many monsters and aliens (Gandharva) also. In Mahabharat marriage of "Dropadi" is depend on shooting in eye of a fish. Many other examples are available in our epics that the marriages are free on caste and communities.

The Kuran not allows to marry with unbeliever (Nastik) only. There is no restriction to marry with believer of God (Allah in the Arabic language).

All religions say, "God is one", "Sabka Malik ek", "Ishwar ek hai". His name is different in different language and place. The caste and social rules are man made things. God/Allah/Ishwar sends the human only at the earth. So, the only one caste decided by The God is Human / Inshan / Manav (Name is different due to different languages).

All religions teaches us mainly two things of Humanity / Inshaniyat / Manavta :-
1. Truth / Satya / Sachai
2. Kindness / Raham / Daya
So, the religion is Humanity / Inshaniyat / Manavta other names used for religions like Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Christian are name of community not a religion.

So, tells the world that there is only one caste in the world is Human and only one religion is Humanity.

Come on friends! Move to omit bad things from our nation and society.

Your brother,

Ghulam Kundanam,
Citizen of Azad Hind (IN+PK+BD)

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