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Saturday, July 24, 2010

A hot and cold discussion on my face book.

Ali Sura i dont agree with that.... hindus and jews are muslims' greatest enemies in the world.....
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Ghulam Kundanam
In India, all are living with peace and love. Some differences is created by political leaders for their political greediness, some wants to make vote bank of Hindus and some wants to make Muslims vote bank. If citizens will unite, who will... vote him without popper development?
Same situation is in Pakistan and Bangladesh also. The leaders use us to divide and rule. They are saving money in foreign banks. Think to make politics business of losses, then only those leaders will come in politics who loves the nation "Azad Hind Desh" and joins all heart of human living there.
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Asif Bhatti
باسمِ رب۔
محترم غلام کندانم صاحب بھی آپ کو ہندوازم کو پڑھنے کی ضرورت ھے۔ جس ملک میں ابھی تک برہمن۔ شودر کو اچھوت خیال کرتا ھو۔ اور اسکا عبادت تک کا حق برہمن کے برابر نہ ملتا ھو۔ جہاں مذہب کے نام پر مسجدیں منہدم کر دی جاتی ھوں جہاں مسلمانوں ک...ی زندگی اک عذابِ مسلسل بن کے رہ گئ ھو۔ اور یہ آج سے نہیں بلکہ صدیوں پر محیط ھے۔ اور آج جہاں سکھ حکومت کو ہندو سے ڈکٹیشن لیکر حکومت چلانی پڑتی ھو وہاں تین ممالک کا اشتراک۔ لگتا ھے آپ کا ہاضمہ درست نہیں ھے ڈاکٹر سے رجوع کریں۔ See more
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Mohammad A Chaudhry Mr ghulam just read yesterday bbc report how muslims beeing dealt in india, then say some thing
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Ghulam Kundanam
In India, Muslim population is more than Pakistan think why they wants to live in India? They are more developed, educated, free and happy their. Some problems are due to political leaders who want benefit on any cost. They are following divide and rule system. Pakistani leaders to rule in Pakistan also create Such type of problems like Siya-Sunni, Mujahir, Kabila, Pakhtuni, Baluchi etc. Hindu population in Pakistan is nothing in the comparison of Muslim population in India thinks why? Government and media is not showing real facts they shows only negative things. Now these days media are also targets their TRP on any right or wrong way. They not are showing brotherhood, unity, goodness etc. between peoples. They are must showing littlie bit violence in every minute many times. They have not thinking the effects of their programs on society and humanity. They are moving in the age of undress media. They want that people see their channel in scare. However if you have sympathy to Indian Muslims you must have to meet and frame "Azad hind Desh" to assist Indian Muslims. I will also with you.

Nevertheless, why we discuss about community. Allah made us only "Inshan" not Hindu, Muslim, Shikh, Ishai. We are responsible for community division. We have to take "Azadi" form community, caste, language, state, place, colour etc. to frame "Azad Hind Desh". I am not bounded with any community & caste as my name includes two words of two languages, two communities, two regions, and caste free word. I am fully "Azad" citizen of "Ajad Hind Desh". I give all of you a challenge to broke all man made boundary and free your soul to treat all human beings same respect as Allah create we all; There is no matter many others are preying Allah in different way, name or shape.

We all citizens of "Azad Hind Desh" have to think, "How politics will become business of losses". When it will be established, only social, honest, and devotee grate personalities will come in politics, who not creates differences among human beings.

- Ghulam Kundanam,
Citizen of Azad Hind (IN+PK+BD)
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