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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Azad Hind Desh

Why we think to break or divide? Why not, we think to add or join?

Yes! Think to join India, Pakistan and Bangladesh as a country "Azad Hind Desh". It joins Kashmir automatically.

The benefit of division of Pakistan, India and Bangladesh are achieved by politicians only. They got three Prime minister/President post and many other ministers and governing posts. The politicians are continued to more division for their post and money greediness. The citizens of all these countries were lost their wealth, life and moral life of their female family members in the division of India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. The politicians divides more small states also within the country to make more Chief Ministers and Ministers which expenditures are burden to the citizens.

Why we citizens become toy of politicians? What the benefit of citizens in division? The poverty, basic requirement, employment are the issue of citizens which will be taken in a joint country "Azad Hind Desh" seriously.

If India, Pakistan and Bangladesh rejoin and make a country "Azad Hind Desh" The expenditure on defence would be spend to reduce poverty upto 90 %. The population control and a poverty relief fund will make a history in poverty problem solution.

The only one solution of flood problem in all three countries is also "Azad Hind Desh" a united nation of India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. It solves all river water distribution and proper arrangement of water in all three countries.

Our "Saheeds" wanted to free complete and united hind from the British; they belong to everywhere like Lahore, Dhaka, Delhi etc. The Congress and Muslim League were responsible for partition. They divide the nation to rule over and for political post greediness. We all citizens of all three countries have a responsibility to rejoin again in "Azad Hind Desh" to show homage for our Saheeds.

Think seriously to rejoin in "Azad Hind Desh".

-Ghulam Kundanam,

Citizen of Azad Hind Desh(India+Pakistan+Bangladesh)

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