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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Messenger of Hazarat Muhammad Sahab!

I am messenger of Hazrat Muhammad Sahab, Allah send me to earth to spread their main aim "Sachai" and "Raham" which is "Inshaniyat" ; the only one "Majhab" for human beings; All other things may changed in the light of Inshaniyat. Any other things written in any books may be changed when it not follow the supreme aim of Allah "Sachai" and "Raham".

Ghulam Kundanam,

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1 comment:

  1. Why don't the Good and nice Muslims across the Globe

    1) Shout against those anti-human Islamic elements that are spreading terror activity in the name of Islam only to bring a bad perception about all those who follow the faith of Islam?

    2) Declare that all those believers of Islam who directly or indirectly aid the terrorist activities will be declared anti-Islamic and disconnected from the society..??

    3) Why the believers of Islam have so much of insecurity complex that they continuously harbor ill-feelings towards the members of the contemporary religions across the Globe...!!
    4) Why do followers of Islam consider it as their prime religious duty and service towards the Allah to make unhindered effort to directly or indirectly try to convert the members of the other Faith to their line of thought and action, if required even by force or treachery...!!!???