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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Solution of Kashmir problem

The politician of India and Pakistan are using Kashmir to remove the attention of their citizens from basic requirements and development. They want to use citizens as their vote bank only. The Kashmiri leaders are also in their hand.
Kashmir problem is only to join Kashmir of both sides. It is possible only by making "Azad Hind Desh" a rejoined united nation of India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. This solution can be taken only by citizens of all three countries. The politicians don't want so, due to their Post greediness and money greediness will be lost.
Our "Saheeds" wanted to free complete and united hind from the British; they belong to everywhere like Lahore, Dhaka, Delhi etc. The Congress and Muslim League were responsible for partition. They divide the nation to rule over and for political post greediness. We all citizens of all three countries have a responsibility to rejoin again in "Azad Hind Desh" to show homage for our Saheeds.
This is the only one and best solution of Kasmir problem.
-Ghulam Kundanam,
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